• Clear and loud audio
  • 3.5mm and Bluetooth audio outputs
  • Same price as old model
  • Improved design


  • No longer USB-powered
  • Not ideal for music
  • Alexa is not the Google Assistant level in answering comprehensive information questions.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is one of the newest devices in Amazon’s popular Echo range of smart appliances. Amazon also says it is the best-selling speaker, which is no small feat.

The Echo Dot design has been upgraded since its launch. The Amazon Echo Dot with the Clock, which comes with the built-in LED Watch, debuted in 2019. The third-gen Echo Dot Sans time display is still affordable – especially if you already have a watch in your home.

The Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) is capable of calling almost anywhere in your country, providing you with a smart home with some commands and streams of music from some of the world’s top music services. Although it is small, we can all make sure it is a punch pack.

However, despite many iterations over the years, the Echo Dot still has some necessary flaws. Specifically, the 3.5mm auxiliary cord. Although this is not a simple Amazon Echo speaker; The Amazon Echo Input adds Alexa Smart capability to the connected speaker, which is not capable of playing music automatically.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation: Pricing

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is now available for £ 49.99 / $ 49.99 / AU $ 79 / R1799. (It’s worth noting that there are regular deals on the dot and it can sometimes be reduced to £ 29.99 / $ 29.99 / AU 49.)

Its general price is similar to the previous model sold before the launch, which is difficult to criticize for sound quality improvement, which we will discuss shortly.

This will be the only Amazon Echo Dot available on the market in the near future – you’ll see 2GN devices floating on store shelves for a while, but soon Amazon’s Echo Dot product pages will default to All General 3.

Amazon Echo Dot – Features

As a regular smart assistant, the new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is a useful tool. Alexa can tell you about the upcoming season or give you IMDB scores for TV shows and movies. You can find details on upcoming appointments or find out the total or spelling results. When it comes to the basics, Alexa has you covered very well. Additional features are added through Amazon Alexa Skills, a vast number are available through the Alexa app. The range is diverse, with some excellent additions and some poor people; It’s fun to use and acquire the skills you need.

Smart Home Control means that Alexa can really shine with a variety of support products, from Dyson 360i robot vacuum cleaners to Philips Hue bulbs and beyond. You can create routines to control multiple devices at once.

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For smart home control, the Eco Dot is important because it is very inexpensive and sufficient to place it anywhere in your home, where you need voice control. Amazon now uses four distance-field microphones in the Echo Dot (3G General), compared to seven in the previous generation (one through each physical control). It seems to have taken a step back, but it is not. Across the room and from any angle, the Echo Dot (3G General) exchanged my throat almost every time.

For more difficult testing, I set aside the Eco Dot to turn the TV on at regular volume. Sitting close to such TVs can cause problems for smart devices, but the Eco Dot (3G General) did better than the older product. Sure, I have ‘Alexa!’ Wake up the dot, but the third generation product responded more often than the old.

It makes sense to keep your Echo Dot away from direct, consistent noise, as it can confuse voice recognition and make it unnecessarily difficult.

Amazon Echo Dot – Design

Amazon takes a balanced approach to product design. The original Echo, Echo Dot and Eco Show were useful with the best plastic shells and some kind of simple, budget-factory. Amazon has been under pressure from Google’s more attractive Home and Home Mini to think more seriously about what its flagship Alexa devices will look like.

As a result, the third-generation Eco Dot trades for the fabric-covered finish on all the plastic sides of its predecessor. With softer, more rounded edges, the new dot looks like a hockey puck and you want it in your room.

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As before, the top of the dot is ringed with light blue LEDs while Alexa is listening; You’ll also find two volume buttons, a button to turn on the microphone and a button to activate Alexa. Want to know why Alexa shines? See our guide to decoding Alexa’s green, yellow, blue, red, and pleasant color lights.

At 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches long, the third generation dot is slightly larger than the second gen dot, which is just 3.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches high.

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Although the third generation dot is available in three colors (charcoal, heath gray and sandstone white), its new design means that you will no longer be able to use many third party skins, cases and accessories made for the second generation. Asterisk.

Amazon Echo Dot: Audio Quality

At 1.1 inches, the speaker on the third-generation dot is half an inch larger and larger than its predecessor. Playing songs on a second-gen dot is a torturous experience, such as listening to music on third-rate transistor radios.

From the opening bars of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road,” it soon became clear that the new dot was even better. The early drummer looked steady on the gene-2 ​​dot, but on the gene-3 dot, Max Weinberg’s sticks were eventually adopted because of him. I could clearly hear Clarence Clayman’s Sachs belting through the song.

How does the new Eco Dot compare to the other budget smart speaker Google Home Mini? As it turns out, this is good in most cases. While playing Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”, Dot has a lot more bass and is louder overall. Vocals are a little muted in the default equalizer settings, although it doesn’t help treble.

In the mini, the Prince’s vocals are slightly forward and defined; I got the same with Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”; That, and the sax solo in the middle of the song, seemed a little crispier than the dot, a little sloppy in comparison.

However, it is my opinion that most people prefer the full sound coming from the Echo Dot than the Google Home Mini sound. To be sure, the dot still looks like a full-size echo anywhere, benefiting from both the subwoofer and the tweeter.

There is a very simple audio feature that makes all the Echo. You can ask Alexa to adjust the settings to the point; For example, you can say “Alexa, set the boss to maximum” or “Alexa, reset the equalizer”. (You can increase the treble and bass on a 6-to-6 scale.)

Even if you don’t see much difference on the dot, its effect is more pronounced in other devices.

Final verdict

If you are in the market for the cheapest wireless speaker, can make calls, control your smart home, and occasionally play a song or two, then the Amazon Echo Dot is the smartest on the market for you. One of the speakers – Google Home Home Mini in terms of better call quality and music playback.

If you plan to sit for a longer listening session, we recommend connecting to an external speaker (remember to pull the 3.5mm auxiliary cord!) Or a new Amazon Echo with Amazon Audio Eco Select (2nd Generation) or Amazon Echo Sub for one of the Amazon speakers. plus. Your music will thank you.